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Norrie Chumley, RN, BSN

In 2016, North Florida Medical Centers was awarded a grant through the Big Bend Health Council and the Department of Health to work toward building a Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) program. The goal was to apply for and achieve DSMES accreditation. The process seemed daunting, incredibly challenging, and insurmountable. Fortunately, the grant funding and contract included a very crucial step for grantees to be successful, and that was providing a mentor. The mentor, Kathy Mulcahy, provided technical assistance and expertise to help us be successful to build the program. The mentor was available when needed via phone, email and even came onsite for a mock visit.

Without this technical assistance, the process would have been impossible. Since accreditation, many patients with diabetes have learned how to self-manage their care and improve their health outcomes. One patient was able to have her much needed cataract surgery after successfully improving her A1C. The surgeon would not operate until she improved. After surgery, her vision improved, and she was able to see her diabetes educator for the first time. This outcome was what we all were seeking. To this day, we are grateful for this opportunity to continue to assist patients.

Norrie Chumley, RN, BSN
Clinical Services Director
North Florida Medical Centers, Inc.