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Making a case for support of the Florida Diabetes Alliance, Inc.

Currently, the Florida Diabetes Alliance, Inc. has been funded through the Florida Department of Health, which has enabled us to offer live educational programs, webinars, DSMES Mentoring and development of a “DSMES Guidance Manual”. While this support has been significant and has allowed us to achieve many of our goals, we would like to expand our funding sources so that we can pursue a wider range of work we believe is critical, including:

  • Expand programs that meet the needs of people with diabetes through access to quality information
  • Support those who have prediabetes, along with their family members through increasing access to quality DPP
  • Increasing the accessibility of tools and educational resources for those who may have diabetes or have prediabetes.
  • Educating millions of others who are at risk and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices and reverse their disease trajectory.

Specific Funding Needs

  • Recruit and train more volunteers to expand DSMES and Prevention mentoring programs in underserved populations and at-risk communities.
  • Support individuals with diabetes and their families with cutting-edge technology, information, and focused advocacy.
  • Develop a pool of committed knowledgeable speakers who can educate health professionals across the state through both live and on-line educational programs
  • Target specific ethnicities and socio-economic groups who are at greater risk for diabetes and prediabetes.
  • Enhance social media to reach a wider audience not only for those who have diabetes, but also for those who are at imminent risk.

Support can be provided through the funding of a variety of current or future initiatives, as well as in-kind support such as special skills or material donations.