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Partnership Opportunities


There are several Educational opportunities for partnership that are aligned with the goals of the Alliance:

  1. Educate healthcare practitioners about the benefit and availability of diabetes prevention (DPP) and diabetes self‐management education (DSMES) programs
  2. Identify barriers to diabetes prevention and care, and develop strategies to address them
    • The semiannual Diabetes Education Forum, which is a live program whose target audience is healthcare practitioners working in public health, rural communities, and underserved areas that have a significant at-risk and existing diabetes population. Speakers and content are intended to support increased access to quality diabetes prevention, care, and education.
    • The Alliance can provide webinars that target specific educational needs around program development, management, and sustainability for both prevention and DSMES programs. These webinars can be with or without continuing education credits. Some topic suggestions include but are not limited to DSMES Program Development. Meeting and maintaining DSMES Standards, developing a Diabetes Prevention Program, Reimbursement, Telehealth, and Delivering quality DSMES during a pandemic.

Mentoring: Diabetes Prevention or DSMES

The Florida Diabetes Alliance, Inc has been providing an expert mentor service for over 10 years to organizations that have an interest in developing a quality DSMES service that meets the national standards for DSMES and provides them an opportunity to successfully achieve accreditation from ADCES or recognition from ADA. This service is provided by qualified diabetes educators that have demonstrated their expertise in the field by either achieving a CDE or BC ADM credential. In addition, they must have experience as a Quality Coordinator of an accredited DSMES program and preferably have experience as a DSMES auditor for either ADCES or ADA.

This service can be provided under third-party grant funding or via direct payment from the requesting organization to the Alliance and is provided for a duration of 12 months. This service can be renewed annually at the request of the organization and upon agreed upon new contract.

Based on the success of this model, the Alliance is planning to establish a similar mentor program for organizations wanting to develop quality Diabetes Prevention Programs. See partnership application to request additional information on this service.