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Board of Directors


The leadership of the Florida Diabetes Alliance consists of the Board (Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Past Chair, At-large members) and is responsible for fundraising, community and public relations, human resource and financial management, and daily operations of the Alliance The board, which leads and oversees the focus groups, collaborate with each other to address the needs of the state, including the implementation of diabetes mentoring programs and increasing capacity of education programs.


• Sharon Hatch, Chairperson
• Mary Jo Colville BSN, MA, CDE, Immediate Past Chair
• Kathryn Mulcahy RN, MSN, CDEr, Chair-elect
• Mike Hill, Treasurer
• Vacant Position, Secretary

At Large Directors

• Wilhelmina Lewis, MD
• Suzanne Laws
• Deanna Howard Gonzalez

Organizational Appointed Members

• Kianga Tucker, Florida Department of Health
• Tammie Johnson, Florida Universities and Colleges
• Jeanna Rhoulhac Rd, CDE, Cdtc, Ld/N, American Dietetic Association