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Mission and Goals

The mission of the Florida Diabetes Alliance is to coordinate resources to improve systems for diabetes prevention and care throughout Florida.

About the Florida Diabetes Alliance

Founded in 2012, the Florida Diabetes Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Panama City, Florida. Our team of dedicated educators, clinicians, health providers, and volunteers possess a shared passion to help those affected by diabetes through providing valuable resources, quality care, and endless support. Together, we strive to find better ways to collaborate, educate, advocate, treat, and fund positive outcomes — making us your one-stop resource to living a better life with diabetes.

The Florida Diabetes Alliance serves all people with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes in Florida. The general purpose of the Alliance is a statewide partnership of health care professionals, health care facilities, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, insurers and interested individuals/parties who wish to work together to build local community networks, to advocate and to communicate ideas and best practices that promote quality and access to diabetes prevention, education, and care resources. The goal is to strengthen the state diabetes health system and improve public health in Florida. The Florida Diabetes Alliance, Inc is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes to promote diabetes prevention, education, and care issues. It provides community assessment, intervention, monitoring and evaluation for four focus areas.

  1. Primary prevention of diabetes
  2. Diabetes, self-management
  3. School Health for diabetes children
  4. Policy and advocacy to improve access to diabetes care and services for all residents in Florida.

History and Evolution

Around 2000 the Florida Diabetes Workgroup was established to strengthen the diabetes health systems in the state. This group evolved to the Florida Alliance for Diabetes Prevention and Care; a grassroots coalition organized under the support of the Florida Department of Health. Their executive body was the Leadership Council, a 15-member board. All support was provided by the Florida Department of Health, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. When we realized the CDC funded program would end in 2013, the Leadership Council voted to transition to a new independent incorporated organization and apply for a 501c3 status, to allow them to better fund their activities through outside grant opportunities. Under our Articles of Incorporation, the Leadership Council transitioned to the Board of Directors which are elected by Alliance members.

Measurable Goals

  1. Increase the number of people with, or at risk for diabetes, who have access to quality diabetes prevention programs (DPP) and diabetes self‐management and education (DSMES) services.
  2. Identify barriers to diabetes prevention and care, and develop strategies to address them
  3. Facilitate communication and foster collaboration among Florida’s diabetes stakeholders.

Alliance members are individuals or representatives of organizations that reside in Florida and have an interest in reducing the burden of diabetes in Florida. For those interested in getting involved, they need to submit an annual membership application to the Alliance. Membership is free, although donations are encouraged and welcome. Members have the opportunity to serve on committees, task forces and other initiatives the Alliance participates in.